Library of Me

Where to find articles I’ve written, that have been written about me/my work, or that I’ve been quoted in!

“Book Review- Noah the Narwhal by Judith Klausner & Sarah Gould” DystopianCitzn Blog, January 27 2018

“8 Things You Need to Understand About Mental Illness”, Thriveworks, January 22 2018

Redefining Success As An Adult (With Help From A Narwhal!)” This Woman Can, January 16 2018

“Author interview: Judith Klausner (Noah the Narwhal)”, Huntress of Diverse Books, January 14 2018

“ARC Review: Noah the Narwhal – Judith Klausner and Sarah Gould” Huntress of Diverse Books, January 13 2018

Noah the Narwhal Explains the Downs and Ups of Living with a Chronic Illness” Golden Graine, December 5 2017

Noah the Narwhal: A Tale of Downs and Ups”, The Migraine Diva, September 7 2017

A Migraine Creation”, September 6 2017

Noah the Narwhal: A Children’s Book About Migraines”  Pain News Network, September 2 2017

The Narwhal Who Suffers from Chronic Migraines” A Chronic Voice, August 27 2017

Author Interview: Judith Klausner” Candid Ceillie, August 15 2017

Noah the Narwhal:  A Tale of Downs and Ups by Judith Klausner” Pajama Daze: PJ’s Bookshelf, August 17 2017

Noah the Narwhal Review | Children’s Book About Invisible Disabilities” The Unbroken Smile, July 20 2017

Noah the Narwhal, A Tale of Downs and Ups” Spoonie Living, July 19 2017