Shop Small in your Pajamas: You CAN Have it All!

As Small Business Saturday approaches, remember that many of us micro-entrepreneurs have only virtual storefronts (they haven’t jacked up the rent here yet!). As the sole proprietor of two small businesses, this time of year is absolutely critical for ventures like mine.

While I can’t welcome you into my cozy, tastefully-decorated space and offer you mulled cider as you wonder how I got it to smell just the *faintest* bit of wild pine (that is *totally* how it would be), you *can* shop for all of the things I sell while in your pajamas with no judgement from anyone. So, you win some you lose some.

Speaking of things that I sell, here’s where I dazzle you with some perfect gifts you just can’t resist!

“Noah the Narwhal, A Tale of Downs and Ups”

Noah the Narwhal cover low res

A picture books for ages 4-8 and adults. Hardcover, 48 pages $17.99 USD

Do you have a friend who often has to cancel at the last minute? Know a parent or child whose health problems that keep them from joining in? Let them know you understand and love them just as they are with “Noah the Narwhal, A Tale of Downs and Ups,” a picture book for all ages.

Noah the Narwhal has good days when he is productive and social, and pain days, when he needs to rest. His friends and family can find it difficult to handle the unpredictability, but in the end, they realize that having Noah in their lives is absolutely worth it!​ For the people in our lives – young and old – whose bodies work a little differently, Noah the Narwhal is here to remind us that being valued and loved are just as constant as any chronic condition.

Since its release in September, we’ve heard from people who have used “Noah” to help communicate with their spouses, friends, co-workers, children, nieces and nephews.

Give the gift of understanding this holiday season with “Noah the Narwhal.”

I’m extra excited to be able to point you to two other small business that carry “Noah the Narwhal,” one in person in the Boston area, and one online. It’s supporting two small businesses in one!

Online: Noah the Narwhal at Avid Bookshop

Brick-and-mortar: Porter Square Books, 25 White St, Cambridge, MA 02140

My second business comes to you under the auspices of my entomological alter-ego, Miss Mantis.

Miss Mantis’ Curious Cryptid Curios

Not your grandma’s tchotchkas!

Well, they used to be…and then they got a Miss Mantis makeover.

DSC_6776_1600Is your curio shelf feeling a little straight-laced? Miss Mantis’ Curious Curios are a surefire way to mix things up. Classic vintage porcelain figurines with a hand-sculpted twist, these quirky creatures will add a touch of macabre delight to any room.

Got a book-lover or an author on your list? Be sure to check out the Altered Authors series! These literary-reference-soaked, pun-full animal-author cryptids include figures like “Louisa May Alcottontail”, “Jane Austern”, raven-headed Poe, a whale-headed Melville, and a lepidoptera Nabokov. Every figure comes with detailed accessories –  Melville has a miniaturized copy of the original handwritten contract with Harper Collins for Moby Dick, Poe is leaning against a bust of Pallas – designed to make any fellow bookworm’s heart sing!Authors Series group

Remember that buying small can still be done from the comfort of your couch, while wearing fuzzy slippers and eating leftover pie for breakfast. (It has so many food groups!) Then, fueled by your nutritious pie meal and bolstered by your online successes, you can foray into the world and check out your small local brick-and-mortar shops.

Have a happy whatever-you-celebrate!

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